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About Value Add

GreenStreet Global is dedicated to lowering carbon emissions...profitably. We deliver comprehensive and innovative cleantech solutions backed by financial analysis and performance guarantees - all while reducing a company's operating costs and increasing their NOI. We understand the importance of demonstrating immediate value, which is why we begin every project with a series of costs savings strategies with our Step One Introductory Program. Utilizing our global network of Real Estate Innovation Hubs, along with best in class Cleantech partners, we enable clients to identify energy inefficiencies, lower operating expenses and discover available government incentives and programs.

Some of Our

Strategies Include

  • Building Site Survey: We perform a Building Site Survey that combines one-click capture™ of detailed, accurate data on building equipment and customizable forms and templates to make site surveys up to 80% more efficient.

  • Utility and Energy Audits: On average, 80% of companies are overcharged on utility expenses through calculation errors and discrepancies billed by the utility providers. We work with you to eliminate errors and overcharges, obtaining refunds from the local utility providers. There is no risk or obligation on the client’s behalf. The utility companies put the responsibility on you to assure your billing is accurate.  Savings identified are split for 24 months, after which all savings go to the Client.

  • Water Savings Program: We work with advanced conservation technologies to help commercial property owners save 65% or more on their water expenses. We work with you to cut water waste by installing patented tamper-proof water conservation products from our partner in showers, kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets and adding a wireless monitoring system to monitor the waste in your property's water risers.

  • Telecom Savings Program: Simplify your technology journey. Working with a vast network of over 325 leading technology partners, our expert technology partner provides tailored solutions that uncover cost-saving opportunities, and deliver cutting-edge innovations that drive success.

Strategies 2
  • Wholesale Pricing for Gas and Electric: With over 20,000 customers served across every market and industry, our partner energy broker knows how to get the cheapest rates for your specific business. They have access to over 90 top energy suppliers, allowing them to consistently offer the best, most reliable pricing.  With our expertise, you’ll get the best prices and most professional, knowledgeable service. Plus, we can even get you a quote for energy in less than a day.

  • Tax Savings Benefit Analysis: Our partner is one of the country's only professionally licensed engineering firms to provide best-in-class specialty tax services to CPAs and their clients nationally. With over 20 years in business, their team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and engineers offers the highest level of service and professionalism coupled with the highest possible tax savings in the industry.  This unique business model is comprised of engineers, accountants, tax attorneys, and construction and design professionals, impeccably aligning true subject matter expertise with proven methodologies. The process maximizes clients' reclassification of real property to personal property while minimizing the risk of an IRS audit. In the event of an audit, audit support and assistance to clients is provided.

  • Identification of Government Incentives:  There is a growing list of Local, State and Federal government incentives that are available for green building upgrades across the country.  In combination with tax deductions, lower operating costs and the sale of carbon credits, these incentives will typically ensure the profitability of green building upgrades.  GSG matches each upgrade project with all of the applicable government incentives to  optimize this financial support.

GreenStreet Global Membership Included!

  • Access to all events

  • Private Owner Forum

  • Industry Expert Consultations

  • Cleantech Vendor Marketplace 

  • Private roundtable series on NYC Local Law 97 compliance

  • Outline and roadmap for Local Law 97 Project profitability

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