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Our Mission at GreenStreet Global is making it profitable to lower carbon emissions from commercial buildings

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Turn Your Carbon Emission Liability into Opportunity

There are a growing number of Local, State and Federal low Carbon laws and mandates for commercial buildings that are increasing the liabilities for excessive carbon emissions. The good news is that there are a number of government financial incentives, tax breaks and low cost financing options currently available that can turn these liabilities into a great business opportunity. Let us show you how our building decarbonization program can be both profitable and your best value add strategy to meet this current economic climate.


  • An app to simplify, streamline, and automate your transactions

  • Quick and simple registration process

  • Detailed Needs Assessment

  • Confidential documents management

  • Matchmaking for Financing, Project Management, Transaction Management, and Vendor Introductions

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GreenStreet Global is dedicated to creating the largest leading marketplace of curated CleanTech Vendors. Our Marketplace will soon include a Virtual Vendor Tradeshow where you can connect 24/7 in real time with our vetted Vendors and partners.


The combination of Local Law 97, ESG carbon reporting requirements and market pressures together will significantly change the game for New York City’s Commercial Real Estate Industry. As part of our compliance as a service offering, in full compliance with NYC Local Law 97, we offer 100% of financing to pay for all of the related soft and hard costs of a Smart Building Upgrade. With our best in class financing partners, there is no aspect of the end to end smart building upgrade process that we can’t finance.

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beautiful green buildings with lush grennery

GreenStreet Global offers a distinct 3-step solution for profitable building decarbonization. To begin, we recommend participating in our Introductory Program (Phase 1 of our solution). This program involves conducting a comprehensive site survey to identify all energy-consuming appliances and equipment. Through this survey, we can pinpoint items where immediate cost-saving measures can be implemented.  Our Introductory Program also includes a number of cost savings strategies including:  water and telecom savings; utility audits; competitive wholesale utility pricing, and identification of tax savings strategies and government incentives.  Additionally, we identify optimal solutions for future upgrades, including exploring available incentives and securing 100% financing for both the tangible and intangible expenses related to the project.

Eliminate the growing liabilities from carbon regulations and upgrade your commercial property into a more sustainable and profitable asset.

Phase 1: Intro Program

Cost Savings Strategies

Building Site Survey, Utility and Energy Audits, Telecom Savings Program, Water Savings Program, Tax Savings Strategies such as Cost Segregation, Clean Air as a Service, LED Lighting as a Service, Financing and Government Incentives.

Phase 2

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Building Management System, Insulation and Air Sealing, High-performance Windows, HVAC system, Appliances, Electrical Harmonics Mitigation, Variable Speed Drives, Micro-zoned Ductwork Controls, and Water-leak Sensors.

Phase 3

Clean Power Installations

Best in class vendors for Solar, Thermal/PV, Micro Wind Turbines, Solar Curtain Walls, Building Integrated PV, and Cogeneration.

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Commercial Real Estate Owners around the world are facing a perfect storm of very powerful trends that will result in many Owners defaulting on their loans. While conventional commercial financing has virtually dried up, Green Bonds are being issued in Scandinavia to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. The catch is that green bonds can only finance green real estate projects. So to address this issue, our unique solution and value proposition includes:

  • Green Building Upgrade of the property utilizing 100% low cost financing.

  • Green Certification of the property to qualify for Green Bond financing.

  • Refinancing of the underlying Loan with Green Bond and other financing.

Learn how our unique Distressed Property Program is saving Owners from defaulting on their loans, losing their properties, from a massive hit to their credit rating, and more.

Craig Ullman, Principle, Iva Kaufman Associates

"We are excited to collaborate with GreenStreet Global on major initiatives here and abroad that address climate change and promote resilience. GSG is in the vanguard of crafting solutions and engaging leaders in energy, real estate, and the circular economy. GSG provides vision, leadership and commitment to our shared mission of reducing carbon emissions from commercial buildings."


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